By T. Rasmussen

Tuesday, April 16th the Weiser High Camber and Treble Choirs competed at the District III West Choir Festival and Competition held at Middleton High School. Weiser competed against forty different choirs form thirteen schools.  

    The Chamber Choir earned a score of “Superior” which is the highest rating  a choir can receive. Scoring is based off of ten different categories such as, quality of literature, diction, balance, blend, intonation, musicianship and so on. The Chamber Choir was competing in the A category of music which is the most difficult category. They performed music in Latin, French and Irish Gaelic. Musical Director Mike Turner shared that, “French and Gaelic are two of the more difficult languages to sing.” Turner said that the Chamber Choir has scored a “Superior” for the last eight years straight at Festival and 13 times out of the last 14 years, “The Chamber Choir really performed well. Especially considering that their time was split between choir music and the musical this year. I think their sound is on par with some of the best groups we’ve had at the school.”

    This year at Festival the Weiser Treble Choir earned an “Excellent”, the second highest rating. Turner shared that they were only two and one third point away from scoring a “Superior”.  The Treble Choir also performed in the A category of music. They performed in Latin, Irish Gaelic and English. “I am so proud of the Treble Choir! A majority of them are freshman and sophmores, with one senior and a few Juniors, and I think they really performed well. They also competed with music from the highest difficulty level possible and did a fantastic job,” stated Turner.

    Turner shared his thoughts on this years Festival along with the dynamic of it stating, “The District III West Choir Festival involves schools from Nampa to Weiser of every size. Which means we sing in large groups such as Ridgevue, Vallivue, Middleton and Nampa, just to name a few. Our choirs were more than up to the task this year. Both Chamber and Treble Choirs performed “A” level music and scored extremely well. We have a tremendous group of singers this year that really work hard and work well together. I think it’s the working together that stands out and made such a difference this year. They really are a great group of students to be around, I’m just so proud of them.”

    Both choirs along with the other Weiser choirs will perform one last time for friends, family and the community on Monday, May 13th for their year end Jazz Concert. The Weiser Middle School Choir will be performing at their district competition Wednesday, May 1st. State qualifiers Ellie Walker and Emma Tolman will compete at the State Solo Festival on May 3rd and 4th. Congratulations to all who have competed and good luck to the Weiser Middle School and State Competitors.