By Zane Davis


The name Cobb has been synonymous with horses, ranching and rodeo for generations in Weiser, and recently another Cobb, Sydney, a senior at Weiser High School, has committed to continue that legacy in the rodeo arena as a member of the Treasure Valley Community College Rodeo Team for the 2019-2020 school year.

Sydney Cobb is what people in the world of ranching and rodeo would call, “quite a hand”.  This is an ultimate compliment, as the phrase is indicative of your horsemanship, your livestock handling abilities, your athleticism and your work ethic.  Just as other athletes and business people work be to the best in their sport or trade.  Cowboys and cowgirls aspire to be a “top hand” both in and out of the arena.  For many rodeo is not just a sport, it is an extension of a way of life, and Sydney Cobb personifies the “top hand” phrase in her life and in her sport.

Sydney Cobb is the oldest of 6 children of Matt and Kelly Cobb of Weiser, Idaho and will be graduating this year from Weiser High School.  She has been active in not only rodeo, but 4-H, FFA, volleyball, National Honor Society and she has taught classes on Type 1 Diabetes.  She also loves spending time with family and friends and camping when she isn’t rodeoing.

Coming from a ranching and rodeo family, Cobb was sitting in a saddle before she was out of diapers, but she actually began rodeoing at the age of 5.  It has actually been said that “Those Cobb kids could ride a Cougar”, and Sydney definitely fits that statement as she is an excellent horsewoman that has always exhibited a love of fast horses and the sport of rodeo.  When Sydney was very young, I once saw her exit an arena in tears after a barrel run that was much faster than all of her peers in the same age group. She had executed a perfect run on her mule that was fast for girls three times her age, but she had grown so accustomed to riding sale horses for her parents into the sale rings that she assumed that when she left the arena her beloved mule was going to a new home, which was obviously very upsetting.  I remember this because I was in awe that such a little cowgirl could exhibit such a love for her mount, but also still perform like a champion with such tenacity, despite her grief.  Needless to say, her mule was not sold.

Cobb still competes like a champion.  However, her peers have finally begun to try and catch up to her in the arena.  Cobb competes for Weiser High School in District III of the Idaho High School Rodeo Association in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping and Reining Cow Horse and is a three time Idaho State Rodeo qualifier.  Cobb does all of her events on one horse, a 16-year old dun gelding named Bullet.  The fact that Cobb and Bullet compete in six events is a testament to both her horsemanship and his versatility.  Cobb will be competing in four events at the collegiate level:  Barrel Racing, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping and Team Roping.  She does plan to take two additional horses to TVCC with her, a 5-year old gelding named Skamp and a 10-year old buckskin mare named Hanna Montana.

Although courted by other rodeo programs, Cobb chose to stay closer to home and attend TVCC for several reasons.  Cobb was very concerned about the health and safety of her equine partners and thought that should the unthinkable happen, she wanted to be close to her parents and vets that know and care for her horses.  Cobb is very excited for the opportunity to compete under the tutelage of coach, Drew Pearson, and says “I think Drew has a great rodeo program and team right now, and I am very excited to be a part of and contribute to it”.  She was also swayed by the nursing program at TVCC, as she plans to get her nursing degree and eventually work in a hospital setting as a diabetes nutritionist and educator.

Congratulations to Weiser Wolverine turned TVCC Chukar on this next adventure in what is sure to be a long and storied career in the rodeo arena and in the nursing field.  You have made Weiser very proud.  Go Chuks!