Weiser, Idaho May 7th 2019, The highway district has hired a contractor to replace the asphalt on the culvert structure on County Road 70 at Jenkins Creek. On Monday May 13th the process will begin around 8:00 a.m. and should take 6 to 8 hours to complete. The district feels that the road should not be opened to the traveling public until the work is finished and the surface cooled as to not leave ruts. County road 70 is only expected to be closed for the one day and detours will be in place during the work to speed the process. The publics patience would be appreciated as we do our duty to make the best use of their tax dollars.


We understand there are some frustrations and irritations to this project and we have done our best to get the patch done as soon as possible.  Also, we want to pass on that due to last winters extended closure length, beyond what had been agreed to, the commissioners claimed “liquidated damages” against the contractor’s final payment. This retained $5,250.00 of your tax dollars for not following the contracted specs for road closure time limits. Understand that the work done was great and met our expectations, but the lengthy disruption to our citizens was intolerable.


Finally, the commissioners for the highway district, Bruce Winegar, Wayne Stafford and Jeff Boles, appointed Jerod Odoms to the position of Director of Highways (road supervisor) on April 11th, 2019 seeing the benefit and freedom to the district for a day-to-day supervisor. Jerod, his wife Sarah (Gochnour) and their four children have been lifelong residents of Weiser and he has been employed by the district for six years. Some may remember his great grandfather Carl, grandfather Alvie and father LaVern living on Pringle road only a half mile from where he now works. He takes pride in serving the community he and his family call home. Jerod is very grateful to the commissioners and believes that they have the best interest of the people in mind and are leading the district in positive and responsible way.