By Sarah Stuart

Weiser native, Brice Brown graduated from high school in 2017 with aspirations of becoming a teacher. While attending college at Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, she decided to change gears and joined the Air Force.
Brown is familiar with military life; one brother served as a Marine and another is currently serving in the Army. Her uncle and cousin also serve in the Air Force; her uncle with the rank of colonel. She credits her brothers’ service as an inspiration to join the military. When asked why she chose the Air Force, Brown stated she believed it was the branch that was best fit for her. She also commented, “I thought the Air Force was a good way to see the world.” She plans on making a career out of the Air Force.
Although she is a fairly recent high school graduate, she graduated from college with an Associates degree in Liberal Arts in December 2018. This additional education benefits her by allowing her to begin her military career as an E3.
Brown was sworn in to the Air Force on April 18, 2019. She is unsure of when she will depart for boot camp but does know she is heading for San Antonio, TX.