By Dorothy Evans

Those who know me well know that I love numbers.  Most of my 41 years of working was spent crunching numbers in finance departments.  I even married a CPA.  So it should be no surprise that I have kept stats on the last 21 blood drives that I have worked.  Why?  I don’t know, I just do. 

Numbers don’t lie, they are what they are, so they can be used to encourage us to strive to do better.  Our recent blood drive is proof of that.  With 56 donors, we had the lowest turnout since March of 2016, 14 blood drives ago.  Let’s not let that get us down.  We’ve had great numbers before (as many as 74 donors less than a year ago) and we can have great numbers again.

It’s such a pleasure to see young people willing to donate.  Chris Lee, a junior at Weiser High, is becoming one of our regulars.  Chris plays basketball and golf for the Wolverines.  He and the other members of his golf team recently took second place at District and are headed to the 3A State Championship.

New to our ranks is A. J. (Anthony) Reed, a 16 year old sophomore at Payette High.  Even though he is new to our drive, he has now donated blood three times since becoming eligible based on age.  As a Payette Pirate, he plays short stop and pitches for their baseball team and plays trumpet in their marching band.  He told me, “I always want to help people” and what better way than to donate blood.

29 year old first-timer Emilio Diaz spoke of his cousin who had an accident and needed blood.  No one in the family was compatible so a donor’s blood was used.  He told me this was his “way to give back.”  His girlfriend, Jennifer Moreno, is one of our regular donors so he probably had a little encouragement from her as well.

We appreciate all our donors and thank them all.  Those who gave their permission to print their name are:  Larry Lee, Cindy Duncan, Connie Lawrence, Randy Hibberd, Jessii Moser, Marg Chipman, Chris McCord, Torrina Logan, Mary Walker, Janet MacLean, Kelly Haun, Jan Mullins, Ralph Graham, Steve Cooper, Sheila Sorensen, Joe Milner, Rick Haynes, Mari Bionaz, Jill Link, Ward Sutton, Christopher Lee, Bob Barber, Fred Wheeler, A. J. Reed, Dan Miller, Pat Sullivan, Renee Speropulos, George Speropulos, Altha Snell, Jennifer Moreno, Emilio Diaz, Kim Hamilton, Kenet Haun, Fred Haun, Terry Haun, Charles Winegardner, Barbara Huck, Linda McLaughlin, Molly Jensen, Ed Roukema, Wil Overgaard, Kyla Dickerson, Harry Soulen, Angie Soulen, Jacob Evans, Lila Harper, Niki Houser, Tina Frei, Pete Ney, Julie Derr, Sherri Breaux, Stephany Pope, Suzanna Hubele and Brian Johnson.

The blood drive could not happen without the help of the volunteers.  Delores Overacker,

Patty Dickinson, Pam Thomas, Nancy Futrell and Anna Loos of Xi Nu Sorority took charge of the kitchen (purchasing food supplies, making sandwiches, keeping the food tables stocked for the donors).  The expense of the sandwich makings, paper supplies and WIFI was covered by a generous donation from MTE.  Delicious cookies for the donors were contributed by Nu Master Sorority and a fabulous potato bar lunch was a combined donation from all five groups in Beta Sigma Phi and prepared by Xi Nu Sorority.  Pat West, Kenet Haun and Dorothy Evans handled the registration table.  Alex Chavarria made phone calls and escorted donors from the draw stations to the food table.

Let’s build those donor numbers back up.  Weiser’s next blood drive will be held in the Vendome on Wednesday, August 7, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please call Alex Chavarria at 208-602-7138 to schedule an appointment.  Your blood could save a life.  There’s no better way to spend an hour of your time.