This week’s thoughts: Dieting ~ Meal Planning ~ Reality

I’ve noticed that I do my best dieting when I’m working on the meal plan for the week.  You know what I'm talking about, you have all your cookbooks out, your favorite Pins pulled up on the computer and your handy list at the ready. It’s time to put those plans into action!

First, find all the meals that contain avocado, because it’s a superfood.  Next, vow to make all meals all week long which include lunches and snacks, right? Finally, you decide your family needs to be healthier too and are roped into this week’s scheme to get better. So, now that you have all of your ducks in a row you take your list and head to to the store remember that you have to shop the perimeter of the store first because that is where all the really good for you items are. At this point I find myself in the produce section thinking about how often I don’t eat these foods but I can change that and will succeed with my new goals!  Zucchini for example: I can fry it with butter, put tomato slices on it with a little cheese and even make zoodles out of them. What I’ll really do is ask my daughter to make some bread out of it and then let the zucchini sit in the fridge, forgotten, until I rediscover it and have to wear gloves to take it out.  Ah, the goals I have while in the store…

Grocery shopping is done, put away, meal plan for the week is securely in place on the fridge and still feeling motivated, yes!  Uh-oh, it’s time for lunch and I’m wanting to just sit and relax.  Hey, it’s okay, I can whip up some easy sandwiches with my gluten-free bread and call it good.  It is Saturday after all, I don’t have to cook on Saturdays.  Let’s skip ahead to Wednesday when all motivation has left...what do you do?  I have no idea but I tell everyone to make the ramen I snuck into the basket as my “just-in-case” meal and guilt trip myself later.

The reality, at least in my home, is that I’ll make maybe 3 of those dinner meals I had planned, have coffee instead of food for breakfast and eat Ritz crackers for lunch. This is dieting, meal planning, and the reality of the situation for this gal. Before I go I’ll leave you with this tidbit until next week... I was asked to define Intermittent Fasting and after a few minutes of thought this is what I came up with:

Intermittent Fasting: verb: to inadvertently forget to eat while busy, later making up for it in the form of snacks before dinner. 

Oh, there is SO much more where this came from!  See you next Monday!