By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

It’s crunch time!  You know, that time of day when you have to get things completed, especially the things you put off until the last minute, like writing this column.  I’m such a procrastinator!  Oh well, it’s that time when I can no longer put it off unless I want to spend the evening here at the senior center.
Actually, I had heard of one of our Coordinators who was going through a rough patch at home, who would just stay the night here,  There may still be a few members left who might remember, but, then again, maybe they weren’t aware either.  The senior center has been a respite for many of us for very different reasons. 
I can remember when I was first hired on as Coordinator, It was June of 2003 and I had just lost my mother whom I had been caring for, in March.  When she passed away, I was so devastated emotionally and burnt out physically that if I had died, it wouldn’t have mattered to me at that point.  But, the living must go on, no matter what we feel and after several months, I saw the advertisement for the position in the Newspaper. 
I was hesitant to apply, but I did and miracle of miracles, I was hired.  All I can say is that God was watching out for me and knew what would heal my inside.  I’m convinced that being here at seniors was part of God’s plan for my life.  I have loved every minute of being with and getting to know the seniors in this area.  Each bringing special qualities into my life.  It has been the greatest gift, outside of taking care of my mother and having my own son, that I have experienced to date.   
I sort of got off on a tangent, there, sorry about that, but sometimes  it doesn’t hurt to expose parts of yourself, especially if it helps others to see parts of themselves.  Have you ever thought you were grateful that Seniors was here?  Have you thought of why? 
I have been working on flyers for our next Fund Raisers.  On Friday, May 31st from 4:30 to 7 PM we are going to have our 15th annual Hells Canyon Days Taco Feed!  We will be serving Soft Taco’s with all the trimmings plus Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Cookies  and a beverage for $8.  On the following day, Saturday, June 1st  we will have a stand out front and we will be selling Hot Dogs with a bag of chips and a beverage for $6. The funds raised from these fund raisers will go to benefit the center and ensure we remain a viable presence in our community.  Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for one or both days.
We still have lots of tickets to sell for the Jet Boat Trip to Kirkwood and overnight stay at Sheep creek raffle.  The drawing will be held on June 5th , after lunch, and you can purchase tickets up until that time.
I guess I had better give you the menu for this week:  On Friday, May 17th, we are serving Sloppy Joe’s sandwiches, French fries, salad, peaches and magic cookies.  The next serving day will be Wednesday, May 22nd and Roast Pork will be on the menu, with mashed potatoes and gravy, Applesauce, whole wheat rolls,  salad, mixed vegetables and Sunshine cake for dessert!
Have a great week!  And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Taco Feed.