Creativity, bright colors and travel have been Lori Mooney's life since she was a young child.  In the late 70’s she began her watercolor painting journey thru an evening program in Boise.  Then life came along and her art was stalled until her retirement.  

Joining the local Four County Art Guild sparked her into doing “more art” and its been a perfect match.  The Guild values promotion of art for youth and the community. Lori stated that "Our youth need art opportunities to help feed their problem solving and creativity skills which are so vital in not only enhancing their lives, but also to assist them in the business world."

For Lori exploring, experimenting with different techniques, and taking classes thru the Guild, has helped her expand her abilities not only through watercolors, but also into acrylics.  Lori craves her art time and loves being creative and she is looking forward to more adventures in her art!