By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

   I found out what was going on with my vision this past Friday,   I have secondary cataracts.  Apparently, depending on who you talk with, the incidence of  getting them is between 10 and 40 percent.  I will have these taken care of in June and hopefully that will be the end of the problem.  They say the procedure is relatively simple and taken care of with a 4 to 5 minute Laser treatment to get rid of the overgrown membrane on the back of the lens pocket.
                I will be so glad when this is over.  My cataracts, before they were removed, made driving at night  almost impossible, and I didn’t see clearly otherwise, but I could at least see to write and read.  After the cataract s were removed and replaced with a plastic lens, I could no longer see close up because I lost the ability to focus and also my astigmatism couldn’t be corrected with the lens for which Medicare  would reimburse.
 I’ve worn glasses for so many years, that the thought of still having to wear glasses to see, didn’t bother me and because I’m not independently wealthy, but rather self sustaining through my own contributions,  I opted for the least expensive option.  And I still wear glasses.  I know many of you may have already gone through this, but it’s my first time, so I’m a little disconcerted about the whole thing.  The good news is that In three to four weeks this will be all over!
There are 10 more days until the Taco Feed!  Are you ready?  If you have never been to one of our” All you can eat- Taco Feeds, we supply everything you need to make delicious soft tacos, plus rice and beans, a dessert and beverage, all for an  $8 donation.   It is one of the ways that we here at the senior center raise funds to help keep the center open and the lights on.  So, come and join us on Friday evening, May 31st from 4:30 PM to 7 and enjoy one of the opening festivities of Hells Canyon Days!
The next day, Saturday, June 1st, we will be grilling Costco all beef hot dogs, ranked #1 in a “Best hot dog in America“ taste test put on by the Washington Post.  You can find it at the following link: .  You will get  a hot dog on a bun, with condiments, a bag of chips and drink for $6.  We will be out front of the senior center from 11 AM until 4 PM.  If you are going to be out looking at the Auto and Truck show or other activities, think about stopping by for lunch or a snack.
Our regular foot clinic, has been moved to Tuesday May 21st, which is tomorrow. So I guess if you haven’t called me by today, you have missed your chance for this month.  Our next foot clinic will be on Tuesday, June 25th!
This coming Friday, May 24th we are having Macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes, bran muffins , apricots and dessert.  On Wednesday, May 29th we are having Oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, rolls, corn and Oatmeal cake for dessert!
Have a  great week everyone!