Marine Sergeant James Alexander,  I do not know you but I would like to Thank you for your service.  I would also like to apologize for the way your grave marker looks on the one weekend we honor our loved ones and those who served our country.
The one weekend a year I would expect our cemetery to be standing tall, it was truly disappointing. I was walking through looking for a special headstone and a older lady was bent over pulling weeds so she could put a potted mum on the grave,  she told me that this is the worst she could ever remember. 
Our cemetery is a taxing district,  so what happened? Maybe I missed the announcement to volunteer to help get the cemetery ready. The elected cemetery board must not be fully aware of the condition and if not, shame on them and if they are, shame on them. 
Hopefully next year Marine Sergeant James Alexander,  the ground around your headstone will be a tribute to you.
Tom Anderson