By Jessi Butterfield

How many of you have lived in Weiser and are still amazed at the places and talented people we have in our community!?

Meet 21 year old Tabitha Joseph! She does some amazing art work! Tabitha fell in love with art and drawing at a young age. She graduated from Weiser High School and is currently working at Idaho Pizza Company in Weiser. After graduating high school Tabitha wanted to continue her education in art but has yet to do so as it may not be such a thriving business here in Weiser, one of the major things that held her back was cost.

Growing up and learning all the techniques in art, Tabitha started recognizing people’s reactions and that is what pushed her to work harder at becoming the talented artist she is today. 

Tabitha is self-taught in the art that she has created, using mostly google and YouTube for guidance and using references to pictures to help her re-create.

“It’s very good therapy for me and when I need that time, this is my go to.” mentions Tabitha. Some of her favorite pieces to use when creating her art are with pencil or colored pencils.

In her spare time when she is not working or creating art, she is playing video games, where she met a special person who bought her, her very first set of professional colored pencils that she holds so close to her heart.

Tabitha is on Facebook and Instagram, please check out her artwork and show her some positive feedback on it!