By Janice Vuich-Cawyer

When I got here this morning, I went across the street to Loveland’s to see what I could find for lunch.  Lo and behold, I found they had some “Red Neck Andouille Sausage” . I had tried a different flavor once before and I really liked them so I thought “Why not”.  I came back to the center and cooked one. Wow, they are spicy! Even my “hot and Spicy Chicharrones” are mild in comparison. They are good, but hot. Would I buy them again, probably not, but if you like hot, you might want to try them.

           Maybe I can take up a new profession as a food taster!  Seriously, I don’t have a very sophisticated palate, so that’s not an option for me.  I just know the basics, you know hot, spicy, sweet, sour or bitter and even then, whether it’s good or not, depends on if I like it.  And my taste isn’t the same as anyone else’s. I think that is what makes it hard to cook for lots of people, no two people taste things the same way.  

           Luckily, there are many people who like “Taco’s and Hot Dogs”, and that is what we are serving this weekend.  Our 15th Annual Hell’s Canyon days Taco Feed will be on Friday, May 31st from  4:30 to 7 PM.  You will get soft tacos with all the trimmings with Spanish rice and refried beans plus your beverage and dessert all for an $8 donation at the door.  Then on Saturday, June 1st from 11 AM until 4PM we will be having a sidewalk “Hot Dog Sale”  We will be serving the number one rated big quarter pound hot dogs, with a bag of chips, condiments and a beverage for $6.

           In addition, It’s the Cambridge-Midvale Senior Center’s 50th Anniversary of at this location.  We are also hosting an Open house on Saturday, June 1st, for anyone wishing to come in and see our facilities.  Whether you are new to the area, or a long time resident, stop by and say ”Hello”  and wish us well in the next 50.

           I got the batteries in for the pedometers we received.  There are nine pedometers left, so the next nine people that want one , I will give you one with a new battery and a book titled “One Life, Two Feet”  written by Robert Sweetgall. It’s a fitness handbook and 365 day activity logbook. When used, it can lead to a lifetime, or in my case. rest of your lifetime improvement in health and well being.  

Here are twenty things a walking program can do for you:  “Build bones, build self esteem, improves aerobic endurance, improves posture, increases blood vessel  elasticity, increases joint flexibility, decreases fatigue, decreases depression, reduces anxiety, reduces body fat, controls blood pressure, controls appetite, improves sleep quality, improves creativity, reduces cancer risk, reduces diabetes risk, promotes healthy aging, promotes friendships, Adds years to your life and adds life to your years”,  so sayeth Mr. Sweetgall. And, besides that, it’s all proven to be true.

The weather is starting to turn warmer for more than just a day, so it’s time to start making changes today for yourself.  I know it’s hard to overcome your “head” ( I fight with mine all the time) but all it takes is a start. Make that start today.  I will too.

Have a great week everyone!  I hope to see you at the Taco Feed!