The University of Idaho Extension Educator is here and ready to serve the Washington County Community.  She will be available at the UI Extension office at 21 W. Idaho Street in Weiser when she is not out in the community or involved in her other Extension responsibilities.  

Mary shared a little about her background, saying, “I grew up on a small cattle and irrigated alfalfa hay farm in the sagebrush country of Washington state. A descendent of agricultural families who managed every type of agricultural business from truck farms to dairies to rangelands, I like to study and solve problems facing agriculture across its many disciplines.”    Mary also noted “I hold degrees in plant science/horticulture and natural resources/plant pathology. My areas of expertise have moved about through the years but include botany, plant propagation and production, plant pathology, and fungal identification. She says, “My interests include plants, seed biology, plant-microbe interactions, and fungi, including pathogens and beneficial fungi.  I also love to garden and look forward to serving and networking with the gardeners of the community as well as the farmers and ranchers of the county.”

Mary hopes to hold some plant clinics for the community after she settles in, share some articles in the local news and working in conjunction with her fellow educators, support the needs of Washington County agriculture and horticulture.