By Casey Hoskins

What a fun (and crazy) afternoon! Our 4H office asked if there was anyone in the community willing to help out with summer activities for our youth and I volunteered. July’s class was all about different ways to splatter paint on a canvas to make some really cool abstract art. The kids that came totally delivered!

Our first exercise in splatter-painting was with egg shells and a little watered down paint. This isn’t as obvious as it sounds. If you don’t commit to throwing that egg shell then it won’t break and the paint just kind of jumps out onto the canvas with a plop. We had to give the kids permission to really go for it and man did they! A few tries in and shells were breaking, paint was flying and some really cool color combos were coming to life. After the shells we moved over to the more traditional method of flicking paint off the paint brush in different directions to get more movement to show up in their art. I really love how a child’s mind has no boundaries, no sense of “can’t” which allows for just that much more creativity. We finished up the canvas with picking up watered-down paint in a straw and blowing it all over the canvas. You remember doing this as a kid, right? Going to the restaurant and while waiting for your food you’d dunk the straw in the soda, block the top and then make drops of soda all over the placemat with it. Anyway~that’s what we had the kids do and then blow through the straw to make more crazy shapes.

Getting creative with my kiddos was a favorite hobby of mine when they were little. Now, with a shop that is already full of inspired art in different mediums, it seemed only natural that I share it with the kids in our community. I can’t wait for August’s class in decoupaging with fabric but until then send them over on July 27th to make Dreamcatcher’s! (Check out the event on my website at










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