By Boden Meyer


At 1:08pm at Highway 95 and Jackson Rd, Sheriff Matt Thomas witnessed a southbound vehicle passing in a no passing zone.


At this point Sheriff Thomas turned around on the suspect vehicle, and tried initiating a traffic stop. The vehicle sped up and tried getting away. Suspect vehicle passed multiple vehicles with speeds above 100mph almost causing several head on crashes. 


While getting closer to Weiser, Sheriff Thomas slowed down hoping the suspect vehicle would too. Suspect did not reduce his speeds, and as a result almost rear ended a semi at Park St and Highway 95. While trying to avoid the rear end collision the suspect vehicle applied his brakes leaving over 300 feet of skid marks, and temporarily leaving the highway onto the sidewalk, and then back on to the highway. 


Once the vehicle entered Weiser, the suspect moved into the middle turning lane and proceeded south at approximately 80mph. Once the suspect vehicle entered the south part of of town, The suspect vehicle passed a vehicle on the right, and entered the liquor store parking lot at approximately 50mph. 


At this point Sheriff Thomas knew he needed to end the chase here, before the suspect had time to speed back up. Sheriff Thomas instigated a maneuver and pushed the vehicle off of the roadway at Highway 95 near Cooper Rd.


Upon completion of the high speed chase, the suspect exited the vehicle at gunpoint, and placed into custody.


Suspect Duke Flemings Age 20 of Caldwell Idaho was driving without a license, and is being charged with felony eluding.