By T. Rasmussen

Thursday, August 15th the Weiser City Police Department along with the Citizens On Patrol held their annual Bicycle Rodeo at Memorial Park in Weiser. The purpose of the Bicycle Rodeo is to help children in the community learn bicycle safety and give them the opportunity to license their bikes at no cost. 

Officers Adam Clinton and Matthew Pond taught the participants hand signals and other important bicycle safety rules and tips. After learning about bicycle safety each participant showed off what they learned by riding their bike through an obstacle course for a chance to win some fun safety prizes. 

Both Officer Clinton and Officer Pond volunteer their time to help out with the Bicycle Rodeo. This year was the third year Officer Clinton was able to help. He shared why he took the opportunity to help with the Bicycle Rodeo, “I like volunteering to help teach the kids bike safety. We teach them things like hand signals to use when they are on the road. I want them to be more aware when they are out riding their bikes and stay safe.” Officer Clinton continued saying, “I like seeing them go through the course and watching them learn. I enjoy seeing them later riding their bikes in the community using what they learned. We will see them out and about for the next few days trying to use the hand signals and it’s nice to see them using the skills they learned after they leave here.”

Officer Pond too enjoys the opportunity to help out with the Bicycle Rodeo he stated, “It is a great opportunity to come out and interact with the kids and do some community caretaking. We get the chance to give them tips on general safety and how to ride their bikes around town. Weiser is a real family friendly place. We see kids riding their bikes around a lot and we want them to do it in a safe way.” He shared that he likes getting the opportunity to interact with the kids saying, “I also try to go up to the Green House and interact with them there and get to know them. I get to be in their world for a little bit.”

After the safety lessons and obstacle course the Citizens On Patrol licensed participants bicycles. In the event a bike is stolen and found bikes that are licensed can be returned more easily to the owner. The Weiser City Police Department has been putting on this event for about ten years and enjoys the opportunity to work with the kids in the community and teach them bike safety. WCPD collects donations yearound for this event. If you would like to donate new bike helmets, bike lights or other bicycle safety gear for next years event you may drop donations off at the Weiser City Police Department.


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