The Weiser School District received notice that the district no longer qualifies for the free breakfast program that the district has been providing since early 2002. Food Services Director Angi Wilson stated, “The Weiser School District was notified by the State Department of Education in April, 2019 that it no longer qualifies for Provision 2 Breakfast status. Qualifying for Provision 2 status allowed the district to provide a free breakfast to all students”.

Qualification for the Provision 2 Breakfast is based on the percentage of families who qualify for services through Health and Welfare. The percentage of families in Weiser who are certified for this service has decreased and is the reason the district was denied Provision 2 status. The Weiser School District will still have breakfast served at all schools, but those who do not qualify for free or reduced prices will have to pay for their breakfast.

The district is asking all families to fill out the application for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program, “We encourage ALL families to complete the Application for Free or Reduced Lunch Program even if their child rarely (or never) eats breakfast or lunch at school. Accurate percentages of students who qualify for the program helps the district qualify for grants and other programs that increase opportunities for all students at school,” shared Wilson.

    If families have questions or are needing help filling out the application they may contact the Food Services Office at 208-414-0723.