City of Weiser Police Press Release: Abuse of Vulnerable Adult

On 6/27/19 at approximately 6:32 P.M. Weiser Police Officers received a report of Elderly Abuse in the 200th block of E. Butterfield St. in Weiser, ID.

Officers met with the frail 97- year-old victim and her visiting hospice nurse. Officers observed a large bruise on the victims left eye and bruising on her arms as if she had been grabbed. Further investigation revealed the live-in caretaker punched the victim and held her arms down during an argument the previous evening. Further inspection of the residence revealed unsuitable living conditions and the 97-year-old victim was removed from the residence and transported to Weiser Memorial Hospital for treatment due to the imminent danger risks.

The suspect, a 47-year-old woman of Weiser, was arrested and charged with a felony under Idaho code: 18-1505 ADULT ABUSE, EXPLOITION OR NEGLECT OF A VULNERABLE ADULT.

The suspect is currently awaiting trial before the Washington County District Court. The victim has made a full recovery and has been placed in a safer environment with the help of Weiser Memorial Hospital staff, City Officials, and the Idaho Dept. of Aging.