Thursday, August 15th Rose Advocates celebrated their last day of their first annual kids camp. Participants enjoyed relay races and a hotdog BBQ.

    Rose Advocates received a generous donation form local Stinker Stores in the amount of $10,000. The money was raised by Stinker Stores in the valley through the Pieces of Hope fundraiser. Funds from this fundraiser are to be used for children's programs. Rose Advocates used some of this donation to fund a kids camp for children in kindergarten through third grade. Rose Advocates Director Dolores Larsen shared why they chose this age group to start with, “Throughout the last year we have had issues with children in this age group involving bullying and assaulting others. So we decided to key in on this age group in the hope that we can change some of these behaviors”. The idea is if they can make positive changes with children when they are younger and that these behaviors can be changed before they reach more critical points. 

The camp was six weeks long and served about twenty kids from the community. The camp had about fifteen local teens volunteer to help teach classes and be role models for the kids during the camp. This years theme was Expect Respect. Participants learned about respect through games and lessons created and put together by Nella Redman. These activities helped illustrate how to be respectful at home, school and with friends. One of the activities was to ask the kids ways they could be respectful and one young participant eagerly shared that he could show respect by being quiet on the golf course. 

When asked if the organization planned to hold a kids camp next year Larsen replied, “Absolutely! We want to do this every year if we can”. Larsen shared that this year's camp was a success stating, “One of the really great parts to this is that there were parents who stayed and watched”. Larsen feels that if they can change the path for even one child to a positive path, then it was worth it, “We saw during the camp with several of the kids positive behavior changes and we hope that it continues”.

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