From Patricia Davenport

Happy end of August. Have you reviewed your “bucket” list lately? I had new flooring put in last week and realized that I'm a couple of years (if not more) behind clearing things out so my kids won't just dump my treasures – just one of the things on my bucket list.
If you stayed home last Friday evening and missed BUNCO, we missed you and you missed lots of laughs and fun. Next BUNCO is Fri 9/20 6:30. We're normally done by 8:30.  Mark your calendar and bring your neighbors.
Our birthday kids for Sept include:  Karen Alford, Ramon Alford, Deb Caruso, Janice Cawyer, Bev Galloway, Steve Newman and
Leland Zundel.  Happy wishes are flying your way - happy birthday
Our next shopping trip to Ontario and all points in between is 9/10. Call Janice to get your name on the list. Crystal Baladez is our driver and she takes good care of us.
Our raffles are moving along and the drawing for the rifle is fast approaching – 9/18 – only 200 tickets max. will be sold so your odds of winning are better than the lottery any day. The beef raffle is also active – drawings (4 for a ¼ of the guy each) are planned for 11/13. You can host Thanksgiving at your house this year. My acceptance is already in the mail.
October is Harvest Festival at the Center. We will celebrate with a pie social and huge silent auction. This event will be open to the public so we are again asking our members to contribute pies and items for the silent auction. Auction items (no furniture please) can be taken to the Center when it is open between now and then. Pies will be available for purchase by the pie or slice on Festival day. More later.
And speaking of food, our next few menus look like this – Weds 8/28 (noon) oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw, corn, homemade rolls and carrot cake. Fri 8/30 (5:30) Ursula will serve us beef veggie soup, turkey sandwiches, green salad, mixed fruit and dessert. Weds, 9/4 (noon) will remain a mystery until next week.
Hope you have a relaxing and happy Labor Day weekend. Stay coooool (running thru the sprinklers is still fun).