By Aimee Burdette

On September 7, 2019, the 5th Annual First Responders Softball Tournament will take place at Memorial Park Softball Field, near the Greenhouse.
Five years ago, Steve Fenske, Todd Zucker and his sister started the first softball tournament to help out high risk kids. At that point the Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps, Inc. played against the rural and city fire departments and the city, county, ISP, etc. police departments. The softball tournament then became an annual event with the fire departments playing against the police departments in an effort to show respect and gratitude to our first responders. The event is not a fund raiser or for profit, but merely to show gratitude for jobs well done.
Numerous sponsors such as Ridley's, Gilmore's Meats, Idaho Pizza, M&W Foods, the Weiser Elks, Ruszoni's Pizzeria.