Thomas attends national Microsoft competition

by Yerika Marquez


WHS senior Emberlee Thomas has lived in Weiser her entire life. As she got older, she never really had a dream to work in the technology field. Yet when she got to high school, she decided to take the Business Technology class offered at Weiser High School. She didn’t really know anything about Word or Excel, but she thought that it would be a fun class. When the time came to take the Microsoft exam, Thomas said, “Mr. Weldon wanted us to take the test three times because he had heard about the national championship. Whether we passed or failed, he wanted us to try.” After taking the exam three times, Thomas’s test scores were 820, 878, and 980 out of the maximum score of 1,000. Because Thomas scored a 980 on the exam, she was invited to Orlando, Florida to participate in the national Microsoft competition.

She couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity, so in June of this year Thomas and her mom travelled to Florida to participate in the competition. She took the Excel 2013 exam and said, “There was a total of six test options for the competition, Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016, Microsoft XL 2013 and 2016, and publisher 2013 and 2016.” These written tests are typically an hour long and similar to the certification exam. Thomas didn’t place on the exam, but she said, “It was a cool experience, though I do hate the fact that they didn’t tell us where we were ranged. I think that the main thing about the test was that I was just really nervous. ” 


This year Thomas is working on Adobe Illustrator and has a job at Idaho Custom Designs. If she earns the highest score in the state this spring on her Adobe certification exam, she will be invited to the national competition this summer.