By C. Lawrence

Mayor of Weiser, Diana Thomas, recognized the Employees of Ridley’s Family Market recently for an award.  Mayor Thomas stated that she chose the employees of our local Ridley’s because they have exhibited a tremendous amount of patience as they stuck out the last several years after the snowstorm that destroyed the old store.  Without their store, employees have been stuck working in tough circumstances with a lot of upset customers and limited store space.  The old King’s building was a blessing when the community needed it and the staff of Ridley’s worked hard to keep everything going by serving our community to the best of their ability. 

Mayor Thomas is also presenting a plaque to the leadership and staff of Weiser Memorial Hospital for their sacrifice when the community was in need of a space for the grocery store.  They graciously gave up their plans for the old King’s building so that Ridley’s could use the space until the new store was completed.  The compassionate and generous hearts of our community members is what makes Weiser a great place to live, and Mayor Thomas wanted to recognize the appreciated efforts of all the wonderful people who helped our community. 

Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors, employees of Ridley’s and the staff of Weiser Memorial Hospital, for coming together to meet the needs of our beautiful community!