By Patricia Davenport

Beautiful fall leaves. Too bad they don't stay around longer.
Oct 16th will be a busy day at the Center. Flu shots will be available from 11-noon. Lunch. Food pantry 1:30 or 2:00 (peanut butter and cereal always needed).
We will be playing BUNCO on Fri 10/18 at 6:30 in the cardroom. Donation is $5 to play all evening and light refreshments will be available. Please bring your own non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy while you play. Giggles, laughs, and good fun – sorry adults only. Pinochle players meet at 2:00 that day.
Medicare Part D questions can be discussed with Brad Talbot of SHIBA on Oct 23rd. Please make an appointment to visit with him by calling 208-334-4278.
On related health topic, the Lions Club in Midvale is holding their annual healthfair on Oct 26th from 9-1 at the VFW Hall in Midvale, admission is free. Pharmacist medication review will be available so bring all your prescription bottles in brown bag and have them checked for interactions. Also the following vaccinations are scheduled to be available: flu, shingles, tetanus, pneumonia and whooping cough. Other interesting and informative health-related issues will be presented. Lots of good information and people to answer your questions. Appointments for mammograms at the healthfair may be made by calling 208-367-8787.
Oct 28th finds our happy feet gals here to do toenails and look at our feet. If you can't reach your toes (we know who we are), walk right in, set right down and put the gals to work. You need an appointment though, call Janice 257-3358
Blas from the ID Dept of Labor will be here on Wednesdays to meet with anyone with labor questions. Call 208-642-9361 for an appointment and save a trip to Payette. (sorry for misspelling your name Blas).
Lunch (you knew I'd get there eventually) – Weds 10/16 (noon) chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, broccoli/cauliflower veggies, salad, homemade rolls, lemon zucchini bars. Fri 10/18 (5:30) (before BUNCO) Ursula will be serving ham & beans, corn bread, garden salad, peaches and dessert. Weds. 10/23 (noon), we'll enjoy roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, garden salad, rolls and Toll House pan cookies
We're still trying to revive the rescue St. Bernard so please don't get lost in a corn maze. Have you ever babysat a hungover St. Bernard – not pretty. Enjoy yourselves.