By C. Lawrence

Every year, Patrick Nauman of Weiser Classic Candy participates in a “give back day” for the community.  The staff of WCC decided as a group what their focus would be for fundraising.  This year, the staff decided to raise funds for the school district to pay off delinquent lunch accounts.  Encouraging the community to shop locally, they organized a bake sale with homemade goodies to raise money for their cause.  Together, they raised about $625.00! 

Mrs. Wilson from the school district says that she was approached by Patrick after their fundraiser was completed. She learned of their desire to give a donation to the children in our community.  “Of course, I was super excited!  We want all our kids to be fed,” said Wilson.  Of all the schools in Weiser, the Middle School has the most need for donations such as this.  The money given to the lunch program “put a good dent” in the lunch debt, stated Mrs. Wilson.  While other schools in the district receive anonymous donations that go towards meal delinquencies, the Middle School has the greatest need. 

Weiser has so many generous and compassionate people.  Thank you, Patrick, and the staff of Weiser Classic Candy, for giving back to the community!