By C. Lawrence

Weiser resident Lyle Hill recently received a Quilt of Valor for his dedication to our country.  Hill served in the United States Air Force from March of 1948 to February of 1952.  He enlisted at the age of 18 and was based out of Fairchild Air Force Base, located about twelve miles southwest of Spokane, Washington. 

During his time in the Air Force, Hill was deployed with the 92nd bomb group during the Korean War at an airbase in Japan.  The 92nd was heavily involved in supplying bombs and refueling missions as operations escalated.  He was also tasked with guarding the ammunition.  Hill stated that he enjoyed his time in the military and “especially liked the food!” he said with a laugh.  A funny story he wanted to share was about his time at Fairchild Air Force Base was when his wife had a baby at the base hospital.  Hill chuckled about the labor and delivery costing him a whole $7.00!  “Times sure have changed in 67 years,” he said. 

Thank you, Lyle Hill, for your commitment and sacrifice for our beautiful country!