Drivers’ education

by Kali Branstetter


The GDL, Graduated Driver’s Licensing, is a program that allows young drivers (from the age of 14 ½ to 17) to learn how to drive properly in class, before being on the road. They are required to have 30 hours in the classroom, six hours in-car observation, and six hours of driver training. Once they finish the nine-week span of Driver’s Education and pass with an 80 or above, they are eligible to obtain a permit.


This class is beneficial for young drivers for multiple reasons. It gives them more practice and knowledge before being on the road. They are able to do it in a classroom atmosphere, rather than at home with a load of information at once. The class breaks driving into chapters and allows students to dive fully into how driving works and the rules and regulations that come with it. Students are able to get inside the car and learn how to drive. There is no worry about legal issues, like there would be if they were driving with their family without a permit or a license. 


To get into the session, there are a few things that students must do first. The fall session finished Nov. 14th, and the winter session will start in January. All sessions are filled except summer session, which starts in May and goes until June. Students must pay a fee of $125 to the office and $22.50 to the drivers’ license bureau to obtain a permit.