Get out and get to the Weiser Craft Fair! This Friday & Saturday November 22nd & 23rd!

Linda Drake and Nola Woods share a space at the Weiser Craft Fair! What is their talent? Pottery! They have been crafting pottery for many years! Linda in her little studio and Nola in her converted barn into a pottery space. Linda also does stained glass. Both Linda and Nola make functional pottery; bowls, plates, casserole dishes and pots for succulents! They are all food, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Nola's husband, Robert, is also involved in the pottery making.

Nola and Linda both enjoy making pottery. Nola mentions, “Pottery is more of a hobby for both Linda and I.” They sell a lot of their art to family and friends.

This year Linda will have stained glass ornaments!

They will also be selling tickets to auction off a quilt made by the Shamrock Ladies Club! This helps with the Shamrock Club maintain their community building. 

Come on down and check all the arts & crafts! They make great Christmas gift! Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm at the Weiser Vendome!