By C. Lawrence

Juan F. Huerta of Weiser recently received a Quilt of Valor for his dedication to our country.  Huerta served in the United States Army as a SP2 from 1955 to 1962.  During his four years in the Army, he served as a cook.  Once out of the Army, he joined the Reserves.  In the culinary field, Huerta was responsible for preparing and serving food in the field or food service operations.  Cooks in the U.S. Army work long, hot, and exhausting days.  Often a thankless job, food service specialists work demanding schedules and maintain a high set of regulations.

Huerta’s daughter, Rosie, stated that her father really enjoyed his time in the military, and he was happy to be bussed wherever he was needed.  For much of his time, he was stationed in Texas.  Due to a fire, Huerta’s military records, among many other veteran records, were destroyed.  Because of this, Huerta has been unable to receive Veteran benefits despite efforts made by his family.  Receiving the Quilt of Valor has been a comfort to Huerta and an honor to be recognized as an important member of our military. 

Thank you, Juan, for your service!