Thanksgiving isn’t just about the feast but who you get to share it with! It’s a time to enjoy the company of the ones you love whilst eating a big Thanksgiving meal!  This year, Pioneer Elementary School had their annual Thanksgiving meal on Friday November 22, 2019!

Lots of loved ones showed up to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal with the kiddos! Oh boy was it a success! I have attended Pioneer’s Thanksgiving meal in the past with other students but this year was my first year attending with my daughter who is in Kindergarten! As I walked down the hall at Pioneer Elementary, I was not only amazed but grateful to see those halls filled with families. Seeing all the smiling faces from the kids to the parents gave me a sense of gratitude and put a smile on my face as well. Our community truly comes together, especially for the kids! Not to mention my daughter was absolutely ecstatic to have her mom and dad there to enjoy lunch with her, as well as all her classmates and their families!

Thanksgiving is a time to soak up the love and great memories made together. It is a time, just as every other day is, to be thankful for what we do have. I enjoyed the meal with my daughter, but more importantly, it was about giving her those memories to cherish and be thankful for as she gets older. One day I hope that all the kids will remember this tradition with their school and their families. 


This year was Principal Susana Dickman’s first year to experience Pioneer Elementary during the Thanksgiving meal! Here are her thoughts and comments on her experience!

“One of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is the opportunity to share with others.

 No matter what food ended up on our plate; it was the conversations that made Pioneer’s Thanksgiving Feast unforgettable.  I was offered the opportunity to escort many of our Pioneer retirees through the lunch line.  During our wait time I heard stories from previous teachers and even one of Pioneer’s early Principals. 

Although I was filled with nervous excitement, the day could not have gone any better as our kitchen staff served around 970 people. 

Mr. Wilson was sporting a green apron as he served up lunch fixings alongside Weiser’s finest first responders.  I believe students enjoyed that part even more than all the tasty food.

Additionally, I can’t say enough about Angi Wilson and our kitchen ladies as they ensure that our students are taken care of daily.  I am happy that our community could see (and taste) their many talents.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Until next year!!”

It was truly a success! Thank you all who served and helped in anyway and to all the families and loved ones that attended!

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday!