By C. Lawrence

Twenty-year-old Morgan King grew up in Vale, Oregon.  At the age of 16, she started making coffee at a shop in Star, Idaho.  She quickly fell in love!  Three months into her job, King set out with her mother to find a small mobile trailer to refurbish and transform into a coffee trailer.  Finding the perfect trailer in Utah, they brought it back to Vale to start the transformation.  King and her brother started to work on their new project.  “It was one of the most memorable things about my coffee career because my brother and I spent the summer creating something that would soon start a fire in me,” said King.  The Coffee Cactus soon came to life!

Excited to get started, King set up shop at the Malheur County Fair in 2017.  She had an absolute blast making coffee there.  Throughout the year, she continued to go to different events, sharing her love of coffee.  A year after the launch of her new venture, King was able to upgrade to a brand-new trailer that her brother helped her build!  What makes this extra special is the love they put into creating this perfect space to build her dream.  “The super awesome thing about my trailer and I is that I know my trailer inside and out.  I know every nook and cranny because my brother and I created it.

During King’s senior year of high school, she had the unique opportunity to travel to Costa Rica where she was able to visit a coffee plantation.  That experience was truly eye-opening and taught King a lot about the coffee bean process.  She prides herself on fully understanding how coffee works and how to perfect each and every beverage she creates.  “Consistency is key in my trailer and the most important rule,” stated King.

The Coffee Cactus will have their Grand Opening on Black Friday this week!  She will be open from 7am to 2pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The goal is to be open 6 to 7 days a week in about 5 weeks and possibly open at 6am, which King is really excited about.  You won’t find insanely overpriced products, either.  King stated that she wanted to offer reasonably priced drinks on her new menu, which was the most challenging aspect of creating her new business.  King wanted to include as much as possible within her small working space.  The menu includes lattes, mochas, chai tea, and just about everything any mobile coffee business can make, minus blended drinks.  Italian sodas and healthy energy drinks are also available.  Anything hot or iced, you can bet Morgan King can make it!

You can find The Coffee Cactus at Second Chance on Highway 95 just south of Weiser.  “My goal within the next year or two is that I can finally turn my trailer into a true building.  I want my location to be permanent and not on wheels, a real coffee shop,” she said.  King and her boyfriend recently moved to Weiser and they are excited to get to know everyone here.  While she works on her teaching degree, King plans to get her coffee business going and start a teaching career in the future as well.  She stated that she adores everything about coffee and she’s excited to share that with the community.  “The best part is having a happy customer!

Be sure to stop by and grab a drink on your way to Black Friday shopping!  The Coffee Cactus will be giving out a stamp card and on opening day, each customer will receive ONE FREE stamp on their card.  You can also get a second drink for 50% off!