By C. Lawrence

Cheryl Farley of Ontario, Oregon works as a CNA and has been called a “superhero” for all the time and energy she dedicates to helping others through community service projects.  Not only does she work 12-hour shifts in the health field, Farley also does a yearly fundraiser to provide children in the community a generous gift from donations of backpacks filled with goodies.  This year, she plans to help more than 200 children who are homeless, in foster care, victims of domestic violence, or who are less fortunate in the Treasure Valley.  Backpacks make their way through Ontario, Payette, Weiser, Fruitland, Nyssa, Vale, Adrian, Boise, Cambridge and Council.

In her quest to help Santa Claus, Farley is asking for donations of new coats, new shoes, jeans, Christmas dresses, everyday dresses, and other new clothing items.  Donations of toys such as dump trucks, cars, baby dolls, Barbies, board games, coloring books, and art supplies are needed.  Just one donated item can make a huge difference in a child’s life.  Farley uses social media to share her mission of helping others and people love to follow her progress on her Facebook timeline.  She never solicits for donations.  All items donated are from individuals, agencies, and businesses around the Valley that have reached out to her. 

Farley runs the operation out of her home with the help of friends.  She collects donations year-round and keeps everything in a spare bedroom of her house.  Each backpack includes a tie-blanket, hats, gloves, clothing, shoes, treats, and toys depending on age and gender of the child.  Without this program, some kids would go without a special Christmas.  If you know of a child that could use this wonderful program, contact Cheryl Farley of Ontario, Oregon by calling her cell at (208) 740-9998 or send a friend request or message on Facebook.

“Miracle on Oregon Street” is happening tonight, November 30th, from 4pm to 8pm downtown Ontario.  Hosted by Jolts and Juice Company, Oregon Natural Market, and Peoples Furniture, this gathering will be raising funds to go directly to Backpacks for Christmas!  Cost of the event is $5.00 and will include a variety of beverages, foods, and shopping!  Join in for some holiday fun at Jolts and Juice Company, 208 South Oregon Street, to help raise funds for this incredible program!  All ticket sales will go directly to Backpacks for Christmas.

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