By Commissioner Chandler

We have been made aware that there is a misunderstanding about some issues going on in our county. I would like to explain a little about the process. I am writing this to hopefully clear up the misconceptions that have been stated. We live in a Republic. In Republics, the public officials are elected by the people, all of the people willing to go vote. Counties are governed by State code. We also are given authority by the State to have code specific to our county as decided by the Commissioners, according to the Constitution and State Code, with the hearing process. Elected officials take an oath to uphold the US Constitution. The responsibility of protecting property rights is an important part of county government. The county commissioners work with the other elected officials in the county to set budgets and draft code. County commissioners have authority to make legislation and also sign it into law. They are also given authority to supervise the employees of the county. They are the legislative branch and the executive branch of government, each of the three county commissioners have a voice in what goes on in the county. In State Code Title 67 chapter 65 the commissioners are given authority to organize a Planning and Zoning department in the county and appoint a Supervisor and a planning and zoning committee depending on the needs of the county. The county commissioners have authority to update, revise, change and improve the planning and zoning code as needed to meet the needs of the county. We have been working with our State officials, county officials and the P&Z department to reduce regulations, and make our code clearer and easier to administrate and understand. The State Code clearly states that property rights cannot be taken away and gives a list of things that can be regulated without denying a person’s use of their property. We are working on accomplishing that. We are not going to do away with a P&Z department, we are not doing away with building inspections and we are reorganizing the department. The changes that are going to be made will go to the P & Z for their imput and there will be a hearing scheduled for public imput. The hearing we recently had concerning roads in the county and the Unity bridge were to get public imput on whether to start the expensive process to replace Unity bridge. It would not be removed unless it was going to be replaced. It is open to car traffic only. The discussion on the roads concerns the 100,000 dollars per mile cost of replacing asphalt. There could be some asphalt roads returned to gravel, but we are working on grants to rebuild and replace the asphalt on Cove road. We have been very open to public comment and have had times scheduled for the public to ask questions and give there imput. Several years ago we had a time set on the agenda once a month for the public to come and visit and ask questions. We discontinued it because after the first time nobody came. Any code changes or P & Z decisions are required by State Code to have hearings, which we do. You are welcomed to contact any of your elected officials if you have any concerns dealing with the county.

Thank you Commissioner Chandler