By Patricia Davenport

We had a great crowd for our Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving dinner last week. Everyone seemed to be getting into the holiday spirit.

Happy birthday to our December kids. Hope you have a great day. Birthday kids include: Elsie Coburn; Ernie Houghton; Janice Jones; Linda Kellar; Maureen Kelly; Joy Larkin; Steve Nettleton; Anton Newman; Randy Noah; Rocky Sherman; Lynda Yoder. The Nov. babies didn't return the red paint they used to paint the town. Guess you'll have to get your own.

Weds. Dec. 4th is our annual meeting day. Your chance to vote in Board members. Two vacancies for the next 3 years – 3 nominees so far - Pat Davenport, Karen Atteberry and Linda Whitlach.

The correct date for the Upper Country Singers Concert is Dec. 8th at 3pm at the Exhibit Hall.

Last holiday shopping trip of the year is Tues. Dec 10th. Call Janice to get on the list and don't forget to wear your ugly Christmas sweater, flashing necklace, reindeer antlers, and elf shoes with bells. Also don't forget your naughty and nice lists. (My name should be at the top of your nice list.)

Dec. foot clinic is on Dec. 16th. Make an appointment with Janice to visit our twinkle toes gals.

Weds. after lunch you can visit with Blas and Lisa from the ID Dept of Labor in the Center's card room.

Food Pantry is set for Weds. Dec. 18th. Peanut butter, cereal, mac & cheese, non-perishables, and canned fruit are always needed and welcome. Christmas candy treats might be nice (but watch out for the hungry elves)

Upcoming Menus: Weds. Dec. 4th (noon) Ursula will be fixing roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, salad, rolls and banana bars (finally caught those pesky elves). Fri. Dec. 6th (5:30) we'll enjoy Dorito pie, salad, pears and dessert. Weds. Dec 11th (noon) includes hamburger stroganoff, egg noodles, salad, rolls, mixed veggies and bread pudding.

Stay warm, dry, hydrated and hire somebody else to shovel the driveway. We want you happy and healthy.