By Cara Johnson

According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was nursed and raised as an infant by a goat named Amalthea, while hiding in a cave from his father, Cronos.  One day, while playing with the goat, Zeus accidently broke off her horn. Devasted by what he had done, he used his godly powers and promised Amalthea that the horn would always be filled with what she desired – eternal abundance.  Today, the word cornucopia, coming from the Latin roots meaning horn of plenty, is a symbol of thankful abundance. In summing up three basketball games held around the Thanksgiving holiday, it seemed fitting to center on the abundant achievements of the Titan girls.

November 21, 2019 found the Lady Titans facing the Ambrose Archers.  With a stuffing defense the Titans held the Archers to two points in the first quarter while adding 12 points of their own to the scoreboard.  The Archers found their sea legs the second quarter, matching the Titans’ scoring efforts, but still trailing by 10 at the half with a score of 24 to 14 favoring Tri-Valley.


The Lady Titans returned at the half for second helpings, harvesting a score of 40 to 22 at the end of the third quarter and a final score of 54 to 30.  

Leading the scoring feast was Emma Hollon with 14 points, Zoe Ertel with 10 points, Lauryn Mitchell with 9 points, and Morgan Wood with 8 points.

“I thought it was a better game overall than our first one,” said Coach Springer.  “It was a good team win.”

The second holiday match up for the Titans was November 26, 2019 as they journeyed to Rimrock to take on the Raiders.  It was a game of survival from the beginning, resulting in Emma Hollon fouling out along with two Raiders. The teams alternated leads by quarters, with the Titans over the Raiders 10 to 8 at the end of the first quarter, Raiders over the Titans 16 to 14 at the end of the second quarter, Titans over the Raiders 24 to 20 at the end of the third quarter, and the Raiders taking their turn over the Titans 35 to 32 to end the game.  Tri-Valley’s squashing defense kept the game close, but converting on only one of six free throw attempts in the fourth quarter left its toll on the score.

Gathering in points were Josey Jones with 8 points, Lauren DeVries with 7 points, Emma Hollon, Morgan Wood, and Zoe Ertel each with 5 points, and Lauryn Mitchell with 2 points.

“We keep having balanced scoring with everyone contributing,” Coach Springer pointed out after the game.

Winding up the holiday celebration was the game against the Riverstone Otters on November 30, 2019.  The Lady Titans finished the first quarter with a six-point lead over the Otters and never looked back.  By halftime the lead was extended to eight points with a score of 22 to 14 in favor of the Titans. They continued to sail on to victory in the second half, increasing the lead to 18 points and a final bounteous score of 47 to 19.

“I was very pleased with our defensive effort.  We held Riverstone to 29 points,” said Coach Springer.  “They had scored 66 points in their previous game. We continue to have balanced scoring and are improving every day.”

Gathering in the top scores for the game were Zoe Ertel with 14 points, Lauren DeVries with 10 points, and Emma Hollon with 9 points.

As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, the cornucopia, symbolizing thankful abundance, is a fitting symbol of the Lady Titans’ recent achievements.