by Yerika Marquez

Plasma welding is a very complicated process that requires much skill and a variety of techniques. It is the process of cutting or cutting shapes out of metal. The skill is taught by Ag teacher Miss Chaney. Chaney said that in the welding class people, “Learn the basic skills of welding and creating shapes with the metal.” This process teaches students innovation and creativity in problem solving. The class is divided into two sections within the class hour with the sixteen advanced shop kids running the welding table along with the other eight kids in the class.

Four WHS students, Wyatt Hodges, Ander Barbot, Jake Stone, and Colyer Chandler, attended a plasma training session last summer. Anyone interested in having a project done utilizing the plasma cutter, should contact Chaney to see if it is within the students’ skill set. A couple of students made signs that were featured during this year’s alumni auction.