Beyond Barbell Gym is Open!

By C. Lawrence

It’s just about that time of year – your chance to lose some weight with that New Year’s resolution!  But why wait until January 1st?  If you’re making resolutions for the coming year, why not try something new?  Weiser has a great new 24/7 access gym called Beyond Barbell Gym!  Owner, Kevin Bravo, is excited to see new members joining and has recently introduced himself and the business to the community. 

Bravo is a 21-year-old Weiser resident who grew up here for most of his childhood years.  He left for college on a full soccer scholarship but quickly realized that his heart wasn’t in it.  After reflecting and praying about his life purpose, Bravo knew that his calling was in health and fitness.  In a bold and courageous move, Bravo dropped his soccer scholarship to pursue his dream of opening a place to help people get healthier and change their lives.

At 20 years old, Bravo found it hard to buy equipment while attending college and living on his own.  Making ends meet was tough and a lot of hard work but his spirit and drive for success has pushed him through the first 6 months of owning his own business!  He began by buying equipment piece by piece while he worked multiple jobs and putting in 90 hours to buy more.  His faith in God has given him strength and support along the way.  “I started this gym not to be another gym but to help those who truly want to change,” he said.

Bravo stated that he is thankful to everyone who supports him by joining the gym.  Many of his friends have joined and stayed since day one and he has enjoyed meeting new people as they join.  He offers free workouts to make it easier for people to get healthy and stick with it.  Some of the offers you can find at Beyond Barbell Gym are:  free workouts for the week posted on whiteboards, free basic training to get you started, no contracts to sign, 24/7 access to the gym, no start-up fees and no key fob charge.  Beyond Barbell Gym has treadmills, hammer-strength equipment, cybex equipment, free weights, selectionized equipment, and plate-loaded equipment.  Cost is $28.99 per month (cash, card, and venmo accepted) and discounts for first responders and military.  Kevin Bravo said that his gym mission statement is “helping people thrive physically, mentally and spiritually” because health is so much more than looking good.

 Make quitting the gym a thing of the past!  Join Kevin Bravo at Beyond Barbell Gym to start on your resolutions now!  The gym is located at 270 East 7th Street in Weiser.