By Margaret Jensen

What is Lincoln Day about?  Abraham Lincoln is celebrated by the Republican Party as the first Republican President and the founder of the republican party.  It is with great pride and honor that we celebrate him every year across the country with what known as Lincoln Day!  Each county can hold a celebration, often in the form of a breakfast, lunch or dinner, to honor President Lincoln.  The celebrations often include noteworthy speakers and elected officials from across the state to come meet and answer questions about what is going on locally as well as nationally.
This year, the Washington County Republican Central Committee is hosting a dinner on January 24th starting at 6 PM at the Weiser Vendome.  We are excited that our keynote speaker will be US Congressman Russ Fulcher.  He is excited to come meet folks from Washington County and talk about the recent impeachment hearings, what is going on in the Middle East and some other important topics that we need to know about.  He has agreed that he will also reserve some time to answer questions from the guests!  
We are also anticipating our Governor, Brad Little to be there as well as other legislatures who are up for election in 2020.  
It is rumored that Washington County has the best dinner of all the Lincoln Days across the state!  We proudly serve Prime Rib or Salmon with all the sides!  
This year, we will also be auctioning off 2 special items – a Smith and Wesson – 642 revolver and a Ruger American Rifle – 16953.  We are only selling a limited number of tickets, so be sure to get yours soon!  When they are gone, they are gone!  You do not need to be present to win.  

Tickets are:
Dinner - $45 per person cash, $47 credit card 
Raffle - $20 for 1 or 6 for $100! 
For tickets or information, please contact Margaret Jensen – 208-724-8399 or John Jensen – 208-724-6564 or any Central Committee Member: 
Ron Jaeger, Jay Langer, Sarah Imada, Mike Hopkins, Jay Border, Lori and Quincy Walla, Dan Miller, Margaret or John Jensen, Jonna Duvall-Williams, Debbie Moxley-Potter, Jeff Atteberry