Weiser Rural Fire District Receives New Wildland Engine

By C. Lawrence

Every summer, the Weiser Rural Fire District works with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to train and provide fire assistance for each other.  BLM transfers surplus equipment to areas in need through the Rural Fire Preparedness Program.  This program allows BLM the ability to give extra equipment and supplies to local fire departments.  Tim Atwood at Weiser Rural Fire District recently announced that they received a new (to them) 2001 International 4x4 type 4 Wildland engine from BLM.  The partnership between local fire departments and BLM is greatly appreciated and this program enhances the services all departments provide. 

The Weiser Rural Fire District also recently participated in a Haz Mat class sponsored on February 7th, 8th, and 9th.  Every spring the department participates in trainings and fire code classes.  The classes are taught by the state and include exercises and drills that were performed by the Weiser Train Depot.  The photos include decontamination training which is essential for departments to practice and have a proper procedure in place for emergencies.  Atwood also stated that they have more trainings coming up soon, which will provide critical instruction to the fire district.