I have decided to run for Washington County District 1 Commissioner, as a Republican, in this May’s primary election.  As Idaho continues to experience unprecedented growth, I believe it is incredibly important that the elected officials of our county are taking steps to manage current growth, while continuing to prepare for growth in the future.  It is important that we have a vision for our future. A vision that includes all.  
As a 2005 graduate of Weiser High school, I know the great benefit it is to grow up in this county.  I was fortunate to receive a wonderful education that prepared me for both higher education and for life.  I was blessed to come back to Washington County after graduating from Boise Bible College and getting married in 2009.  I went to work part-time as a Youth Pastor in Fruitland and for Idaho Garbologist.  While driving a garbage truck, I drove the roads in Weiser, Midvale and Cambridge.  During that time, I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people that make all of this county great.  After working for a family owned company for years, I know the importance of small business in communities like ours and the struggles they go through trying to make a living while strengthening and supporting their communities.  
Currently, as the Pastor of the Weiser Christian Church, a Lieutenant and Chaplain with the Weiser Area Rural Fire District and volunteer coach with the Weiser Recreation Department, I know how important community involvement is.  I want to be a representative that listens to the needs and concerns of the people of Washington County.  I believe I have the real-world experience as a Pastor, Chaplain and volunteer to do exactly that.  
I believe our county, like our state, is at a crossroads.  We have watched the other end of the valley grow beyond anything we could have possibly imagined.  Though our growth is slower, we still face many challenges.  We have roads and bridges that are decaying.  We have rising rental and home prices.  We have many people who are forced to leave our county to find employment. With growth, our law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service agencies will experience higher call volume, stressing current staffing levels and causing budgets and needs to rise.  There is a concern about diminishing farmland and the water for that land.  And of course, our concerns don’t end there.  
I believe we need elected officials that will partner with organizations, both governmental and community based, and citizens, to make our community stronger.  We need public servants who are willing to serve, not their own interests, but the interests of everyone who calls Washington County home.  As a Conservative I believe Government should provide for our safety and well-being and give us what we pay for, while staying as small and efficient as possible.  I also believe that Governmental agencies should be open, honest, and transparent.  Our system of Government is supposed to be “by and for the people”.  We should never be made to feel that those who represent us are conducting our business behind closed doors.   We need leaders that will listen and I will do exactly that.  The only promise I will make is this: I will do everything I can to help ensure Washington County remains an exceptional place to live and continues to become a place we can all be proud to call home.     
Lyndon Haines