By Rachele Story

The Weiser High School FFA loves to thank the community for all the support given throughout the school year with the annual Appreciation Breakfast. This year’s breakfast was held on February 15th 2020. Mrs. Chaney said “The main reason is to thank the community of Weiser, the students are always traveling for competitions and we have our main support from the community with those events.”

               When asking the students they were all very excited to talk about what happens and the help they get. Students Grace S., Maddy E. and Kelsi M. all agreed in saying that they have loved helping throughout their high school careers. Kelsi M. said “This breakfast is an annual event and will continue to happen every year.” A few freshmen had some things to say while serving at breakfast, one being Alexis B. “This is definitely good to help serve people that have helped us and it’s always fun to do something like this.”

               Mrs. Chaney also said “Every one of the students helps with everything going on, the officers’ plan. All students come to help, juniors and seniors help cook and the others help serve the food. We served about 250 people last year” This year the Weiser FFA breakfast had approximately 400 people come in and talk, eat and have a great time.

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