From Patricia Davenport

Can you hear me now?  Probably not, so I'll message you all instead.

No fresh center news - we are still closed and no meals will be served.  Apparently the president has extended our "at home" time until at least April 30th.  Hug your critters and try to stay active around the house.  Walk from room to room  or around your kitchen island and get your 10,000 steps (a day?) in.

Or, you can find that box of old photos and get them organized.  Yuch - sounds like work to me but needs to be done.

Our kids with April  birthdays include:  Larry Boehm, Dan Castleberry, Steve Commers, Jim Davis, Jeannie Elliott, Gary Farrens, Mary Ann Ford, Gary Gladhart.  The terrific loud noise in the background is my singing "Happy birthday to you" - slightly off key but with good intentions.  Hope you all have many more.

The board will be meeting soon to make sure all of our bases are covered.  If you need to talk to one of us (since Janice will not be in on a regular basis) call me at 208-355-3525.

Stay warm, healthy and hydrated we want to see you all when this is over.

From an old, old Readers Digest - make sure you make good choices, because ghosts are stuck with the haircut they died with.