I worked with Chad Brock at Washington County for eleven and one half years. When another department needed a hand, Chad was the first to respond. When our maintenance  man needed help, Chad lent a hand without delay. When it snowed he was the first to help with sidewalks or to shovel off roofs. I was Chad's Supervisor, and during the "snowpocalypse" winter of 2016 - 17, I cited Chad and Cesar Carbajal for going above and beyond the call of duty for their efforts shoveling roofs to save County buildings. When we remodeled the Courtroom, Chad spent two 24 hour shifts managing roof leaks so to protect new construction from water damage. Chad had over forty (40) years of construction experience. Chad became a valuable resource to our local construction companies. Chad was a loyal, reliable and knowledgeable employee who almost never missed work. Chad Brock was the best subordinate/co-worker I have ever had. When Chad was terminated,  Commission Chairman Kirk Chandler and Commissioner Lisa Collini showed their appreciation nor Chad's years of dedicated service with the Chairman saying, "should I get the Sheriff over here?."

Please ask others who can confirm the facts, and vote for Lyndon Haines for County Commissioner.  We need elected officials who are not "beholden" to a small group of "advisors" with their own private agenda.

Thanks for everything Chad, May all your days be good.
Rob Dickerson