From Adams County Sheriff’s Office 

On March 29th, 2020 at approximately 1635 hours, Dale James called the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to report her son, William Pearle James was at her residence, 3241 Highway 55, New Meadows, Adams County, ID, in violation of a protection order. Deputies Benavides and Sauerland responded to the scene. At the time both officers were in full patrol uniform and in fully marked patrol vehicles. 

Upon the arrival of both officers they pulled into the main driveway of the property where there are multiple outbuildings. Deputy Benavides was able to exit his patrol vehicle and began speaking with Dale. Deputy Sauerland pulled into the driveway as well and William James began firing at them with a rifle from a barn on the west side of the property. Deputy Sauerland was able to exit her vehicle and take cover behind it. William continued firing his rifle at the two officers and struck Deputy Sauerland’s vehicle multiple times, almost hitting her with bullets. 

Idaho Fish and Game Officer XXX, who was off duty at the time, was in the area and heard what was happening. Officer XXX said he observed Deputies Sauerland and Benavides being shot at, so he began attempting to locate the suspect. Officer XXX said he observed the suspect, William James, holding a rifle in the barn on the west side of the property. Officer XXX said the suspect was making movements as if he was going to continue pursuing and firing at the officers and he engaged the suspect with his handgun. Officer XXX also fired back at the suspect and last saw him running to the west with an SKS type rifle in his hand. 

Officers responding were able to establish a perimeter around the property, however James was not located.