Anita Lopez Johnson



Anita Lopez Johnson

May 14th, 1944 - December 21st, 2017

A brief summary of Anita Lopez Johnson’s Life
No one attended the birth of Anita Lopez Johnson.  Her bereaved mother, Josefa Saldivar Lopez, had just lost Anita’s father to a premature death.  Josefa recounted that when she saw the newborn was a girl, she knew her newborn daughter would lead a life of suffering.  
In many ways, Josefa was right in her prediction.  Anita went on to lose 2 husbands to tragic accidents and almost died of a large brain tumor in 2008.
Anita never saw her life as tragic or one of suffering.  She had no time for that.  She was a blessing to all and she could only see the blessings she was granted by her “heavenly father.”  
She treasured her mother, her 2 older brothers, her nieces and nephews, her 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  When she was asked to help bring siblings she had never known from Mexico to the United States, she opened her home and heart to them.  Many of them are in this Church today.
Not having had the benefits of a stationary childhood, she made the best of her spotty education and encouraged everyone to advance their education.  
She believed that hard work was therapeutic and she was always around to help even with the most difficult or menial task.  
Her faith, family and friends were the center of her world, not herself.  She did not have a concept of failure.  All successes were only if God is willing.  If it did not work out, it was just God’s will.  This belief fueled many pursuits:  pursuing cosmetology school, moving away from her close-knit family, getting an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, working in immigration law, practicing photography, teaching junior high special ed, renovating homes, speculating in real estate, design and construction of new custom homes and becoming an all-star sales woman at JC Penny’s were just side pursuits as she created a wonderful home for her 3 children.    
She cared for her aging mother until her death at 95 years of age.  Shortly after her mother’s death, Anita’s health declined and she was finally discovered to have a large, life-threatening brain tumor that was removed in 2008.  Miraculously, she returned to normal and rededicated her life to Jesus.  This rededication was formalized in a baptism at her new church in Phoenix in 2010.
She spent her final years helping her daughters, volunteering for the zoo and other programs for youth and raising money for a family in need with her bible-study group.  
Her final minutes would be spent on site, at the home of a widowed grandmother, the sole caregiver for 3 young grandsons. A combination of unlikely factors led to a massive explosion and subsequent fire that quickly ended Anita’s life.
Her surviving family is comforted by the knowledge that she prayed often to have a speedy departure from this life.  “Dear heavenly father, when it is time, I pray to go quickly and without undue burden to my family.”  12/21/2017 at 9:52 a.m. was that time. 

She is survived by her brothers Alex (Elva) Lopez, Pete (Connie) Lopez, Her nieces: Lorraine (Karl) Kautz, Jeannette Lopez Shockey, Virginia Lopez (Maestes), JoAnn (JT) Miller, Kami(Mark) Schmitt, Rosa (Ricardo) Navarrete, Maria (Luis) Negrete, Juanita(Jesus) Chavez, Guadalupe(Hector) Rodriguez, Juanita(Jesus) Reyes, Micaela(Rigoberto) Hernandez, Magdalena(Reynaldo)Rodriguez 
Noemi(Ulices) Garcia, Socorro Saldivar. 
By her nephews: Lonnie(Rhonda)Lopez, Jorge(Minerva) Saldivar, Ramon(Elayne) Saldivar, Martin(Leticia)Saldivar, Jose and Romulo Saldivar, Jesus Saldivar, Miguel(Otilia)Saldivar, Espiridion(Claudia) Saldivar, Alfredo(Josie)Saldivar, Alejandro(Alejandra) Saldivar, Vicente(Cristina) Saldivar, Daniel(Deysi) Saldivar, Salvador(Mela) Saldivar,Guadalupe, Gilberto, Oscar, Juan, Salvador(Olivia) Saldivar. 
Lastly, she is survived by her children Robert (Michelle) Redtfeldt, Raquel (Micah) Redtfeldt and Tiffany (Matt) Mason and her grandchildren Kenneth Redtfeldt (25), Madison Redtfeldt (21), Michael Panczyk (18), Josie Panczyk (16) and Kai Mason (6).

Memorial Service will be held on January 13, 2018  @ 11:00 a.m. at the Weiser Christian Church that is located @ 1229 E. 2nd St. Weiser, Idaho.